Actionable analytics

Albitros enables data-driven practice at schools.

Albitros Analytics visualises important data about your students.

Powerful analytics for any school

Albitros leads the way in Analytics-as-a-Service for schools, providing powerful, ready-made dashboards and alerts using your data. We work with our clients to regularly release new dashboards and features, all included in your monthly subscription.

Ready, out-of-the-box

Albitros provides a number of dashboards ready-to-go, without any customisation required. Get analytics set up faster than ever before.

Professionals on demand

Subscribers get access our team's data science and analytics skills as part of their monthly subscription. No hidden fees. Ever.

Self-service for power users

Our ready-made dashboards are awesome, but if you have bespoke needs you can dive into our self-service portal to create your own.

Unify academic data

Bring together your standardised testing results, such as NAPLAN and ACER PAT, with your own teachers' judgements to illustrate student growth and analyse capability.

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Unify multiple standardised test resultsets and teachers' judgements with Albitros.

Make your data work for you

  • Pulse alerts

    Trigger alerts via e-mail or Microsoft Teams when certain data thresholds are met, for example: a student being late 5 times in the last 4 weeks.

  • Deep drill-down

    Interrogate your data with Albitros' advanced deep drill-down capabilities. Understand the data behind the charts to gain better insights into your students.

  • Plain language insights

    Receive relevant insights in plain language about students, without needing to interpret a chart, for example: Joey is most likely to be late to English lessons.

  • Share with ease

    Share charts and dashboards via e-mail, Microsoft Teams, or pastable URLs with the click of a button. No extra licenses or coding required.

  • Export to CSV

    Advanced users can export the data behind visualisations to CSV files with the click of a button.

  • Custom reporting

    Build your own reports and dashboards using our self-service interface, and embed them into your LTI-compliant Learning Management System.

Azure AD
Google Classroom
Jamf Pro
Office 365

Your data, unified.

Draw from data from almost anywhere

Albitros is built on the Intellischool Data Platform, enabling the unification of your school's data in the cloud. Gather data from all the sources at your school, and make it actionable through a single pane of glass.

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You're in good company

Why choose Albitros?

Our clients love Albitros.

Albitros clients enjoy a comprehensive, cloud-based analytics service with no hidden surprises, supported by a team that love working with data.

  • Data where you work

    Surface visualisations in your LTI-compatible Learning Management System.

  • New stuff is free

    New dashboards and features are released regularly, and included in your subscription.

  • Improvements are client-driven

    Client feedback contributes directly to our roadmap and new feature planning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Albitros?

Albitros is built on the Intellischool Data Platform, a highly secure and modern cloud-based data storage system. Data is stored according to your country's data residence requirements. For more information, refer to this help centre article.
Data can be retrieved from almost any type of on-premises SQL-based application (such as a SIS or LMS), or a cloud-based application with an API. If we don't support your LMS or SIS, most of the time we can develop a connector at no extra cost.
Yes! Albitros (and all Intellischool products) are LTI version 1.3 compatible. If you are using an LTI-compatible SIS or LMS, you can deep link to, or even embed Albitros dashboards easily.
Our implementation partners, RTG, can assist with embedding analytics into practice, as well as professional development sessions and data consulting.

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